The Art of Music

You are in a place where art is manifested through vibrations.

The concept of stringing together melodies into one cohesive sound has been dated back to as far as B.C. Whether used to relay stories, inspire minds , or increase adrenaline for battle, music is and always shall be a vital part the human experience.

Title of painting: Dizzy's Trumpet  Colorful and Bold Original Oil painting of Dizzy Gillespie.  By Debra Hurd


For people like us, words like “structure”, and” order”  don’t tend to sit well, freedom is everything. Music, for a lot of people, acts as an escape from the everyday troubles that plague this world.  Through music, just like many other channels for expression, the world is devoured then spit back perceptually to the public.

Let’s Help Create!

Artist Showcase ( Art of Music) 

I love hiphop, Learn how to freestyle rap here: #hiphop

One of the main purposes of this section of W.O.L.F is to provide a platform for talented artist looking to be heard. We find is hard to understand how we refuse to support each other in a world that already shuns the lifestyle of the  “artists.”  The ultimate goal of this section is to create a society of like-minded artist with different perspectives and ways of expressing those said perspectives: a culture of expressing cultures,  if you will.

Music Tips 



Here we will offer a wide variety of tips engineered to improving and educating our viewers about the fast growing field of music and entertainment. Look for detailed descriptions about the latest and most efficient tricks of the trade.

Music News

Two of the greatest guitarists of all time. Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton. no big deal.


Here we will be keeping our viewers updated on the latest news in the music industry. Check here for new releases and available information about your favorite artist.

Product Reviews ( Art of Music)

cello. My note: Maybe I can beg a talented friend to paint a stringed instrument like this for me..? That'd be awesome…I know I have a lot of music related stuff…I know I won't use it all though.


Check here for the most efficient products in the game and for reviews on the latest and greatest albums/mix-tapes around. Learn what tools will help you on your journey of expression.

From Hip-Hop and Jazz to lo-fi Indie Rock and Jangle Pop, I’ll cover it all. This is a gateway that is not just for us involved but everyone who truly loves and appreciates art as a whole. This corporation is dedicated to creating the transition from  a crabs in a barrel  mentality to a community of people willing to support, uplift and connect with each other.

Every genre has something beautiful to offer to the world of art and the world, itself.

  • Each piece of poetry or project is a world within itself.
  • Each musical note or vibrations has the power to effect the human body in a multitude of different ways.

So, with no further ado.

Dive with us into this beautiful world of Music.

Where the dimensions meet and the world sleeps ,



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  1. Music beneficial to maintaining health and immunity

    Music turned out to be therapeutic and healing. According to Campbell, the music is able to produce stimulants that are rhythmic. Stimulants are then captured by the human ear and processed in the body’s nervous system and brain gland that interpretation reorganize internal rhythm sound into the audience.

    These internal rhythms affect human metabolism so that the process takes place better. Better metabolism will cause the body to be able to build a better immune system. With a better immune system, the body becomes more resilient against possible disease.

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