Reality As We Know It?

Since the creation of conscientious beings, the truth behind our reality has eluded our minds and has been altered drastically to effect the way we perceive the reality.

What if truly we’re living in an illusion, separate yet not separate, from God?

In his series “The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, volume II”, Drunvalo Melchizedek states: “With great respect between two brothers, the battle of good and evil began. It was a battle that had to be, for it was the will of God. For the overall sake of the universe Michael supported the side of the light and the “good”, and Lucifer backed the side of darkness and “evil”. A new possibility was upon us: the idea of free will.” Could it be that our lives on this dense dimension are nothing more than an experiment by the Creator implemented through Lucifer (For this articles.sake I will use Lucifer or Satan to symbolize the Yin or darkness, and Michael as the Yang or light): God’s most beautiful and intelligent creation in an angelic form, before he severed the love bonds between himself and God?

Remember God doesn’t make mistakes. Everything that is, was and shall be  is divine including you! The realization that the materialistic world we live in is in truth not the true reality but an illusion separate from God is the beginning of a great journey to our original home, the real reality, and with each individual spiritual awakening, we all move closer to ascension (aka God). 

This view of reality is not new to us humans. The Gnostic Society had a very similar belief to this along with many other esoteric teachings. In “The Secret Teachings of all Ages”, Manly P. Hall says: “One group of the Gnostics (the Gnostics were split into two cult-like groups called the Syrians and Alexandrians ) was of the opinion that the Demigurgus was the cause of all misery and was an evil creature, who by building this lower world had separated the souls of men from truth by encasing them in mortal vehicles. The other sect viewed the Demigurgus as being divinely inspired and merely fulfilling the dictates of the invisible Lord.” In light of this knowledge it can be conjured that the way the reality has been interpreted to us is nothing more than an illusion of duality or of good and evil (light and darkness). Life on this dimension would not be possible, as it is now without true free will and the knowledge of light and dark ; for the purpose in living is to make a conscientious choice to either enlighten yourself or remain in darkness.

Most of us are living in darkness my brothers and sisters; blinded by materialism and egocentricity. We’re treading down a path of self-destruction and being lead by a personified evil known as Lucifer.

Look at the world with open eyes and be aware of the signs, for our Father loves us and will not let us perish without choice.

We can evolve, but we must become aware and open to the doors of salvation with the key of wisdom. The true perception of reality finds its beginning in not duality but in oneness with All. Lucifer knew this and perceived that there was another possibility of life, a life whose reality he could control through the knowledge of good and evil. The original purpose of this new possibility of life was for spiritual beings to live in physical bodies and experience free will until eventually spirit decided to ascend to the higher planes of existence or descend to the lower ones.

Know that in order to ascend out of this reality we must know and believe that good and evil is nothing but two parts of a whole, or yin and yang.

According to religious legends, Lucifer descended from the void, where God and his angels are, to this third dimensional world in order to create a reality based off of this knowledge. He became the master of darkness and accomplished his impossible goal of becoming similar in likeness of his creator by turning the souls of men towards darkness and negativity. He became the antagonist and main obstacle on our pathway to spiritual emancipation. Just like everything in the universe, It was all necessary for us to truly experience what we call free will, for when he descended, he created the illusion of duality.

“Who art thou demands the Adam. ‘I,’ the serpent answers, ‘am Satan who was stoned; the adversary- the Lord who is against you, the one who pleads for your destruction before the Eternal Tribunal. I was your enemy upon the day that you were formed; I have led you into temptation; I have delivered you into the hands of evil; I have maligned you; I have striven ever to achieve your undoing. I Am the guardian of the Tree of Knowledge and I ve sworn that none whom I can lead astray shall partake of its fruits.’ “- (Quote taken from ritualistic drama transposed by Manly, possibly Egyptian in origin.)

This dimension we call home is not our true home but only a temporary reservation on earth in which we are given the opportunity to experience life and earn our seat in our father’s house: fall not, victim to materialism and darkness, for they are the only bondage that binds us to this Luciferian illusion. Freedom from this illusion, the kind our souls naturally seek,  can only be attained through knowledge and love.

Throughout the ages, the truth about reality has been hidden esoterically, meaning only those with the wisdom to seek for knowledge will either find or receive truth. The majority, on the other hand,  will accept said teachings as truth.

Everything we’ve been taught in school falls into the esoteric category…

Does this sound familiar?

Hasn’t every oppressed culture been denied access to education or knowledge by their oppressors or adversaries? In all religions and fraternities, the belief that the worst form of disease or deformity is ignorance is universally accepted. Awake my brothers and sisters and be wise do not fall victim to deceit and institutionalized oppression; differentiate the material from the immaterial, knowledge from ignorance and lies from truth, and spread love and understanding.

My purpose for writing this article is to help my struggling brothers and sisters living in darkness begin to remove the veil covering their eyes from the truth. Know that this life is precious and that everything that is unbounded on Earth will be unbounded in higher worlds after this physical existence has ceased. It is love that connects us all, it is love that ordered the chaos from which life was formed, and it is love that will save us all. Love is God , love is Christ, love is Source, love is you, and love is me. I hope that this article will inspire some to transmute from materialism to infinite love.  I sincerely hope that the spreading of Knowledge, Love, and Understanding will influence a major shift in the current and saddening state of consciousness not only in my country but internationally.

A friend of mines died a hero recently saving a drowning associate. Not many of my deceased friends had the opportunity to decide their fate let alone the fate of another. During a time where people are dying at an extremely rapid rate, its become undeniable and impossible to ignore the loss of value for another person’s life.

His brave and influential decision has reminded me that the seemingly forgotten emotion called love still exists and persists, and that selfishness, egotism, and lack of empathy and morality are dying. Although the battle is still young,yet eternal, the light within all of us still fights against the shrouding and bonding darkness. It’s what connects us emotionally with each other and with the Creator regardless of religious boundaries, for all religions speak of love and light, and the dying of hate and darkness.

Remain conscious my siblings of the things you say, do, and exonerate to others for you never know another’s struggles and the demons the fight.

In the words of Kanye West, “one man can change the world.”

Fall into the Light,

– Hieronymus Steib

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