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Full Name: Dwight Smith

Username: Dwight 

Title: Founder/ Creator of W.O.L.F

Section: The Art of Style, The Art of W.O.L.F , The Art of Everything , The Art of Wisdom

About Me: My full name is Randy Dwight Smith. My friends call me Dwight. I was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. Being from the “City of Starving Artist” as I often refer to it, has undoubtedly affected me in many ways. New Orleans is just one of those magical cities that incorporates every aspect of art into a single cohesive mesh. Whether you take a stroll through the French Quarters and get a chance to hear every genre of music,  or appreciate the ancient architecture and art pieces scattered throughout the city, you’ll notice that its one of the most unique cities out there.

I think ever sense I can remember I’ve had a passion for art and knowledge. I was one of those kids that just always asked “why?.” I was always one to take a step back and notice the beauty in even the most mundane things. I am a firm believer that art (creativity) is apart of basically every aspect of society but we just fail to see it. As far as strengths and passions go, its always been fields in the arts that I have taken a particular liking and natural ability in. I’ve dabbled in many things such as production (both movie and music), poetry, directing, scripts, novels , clothing, painting and as well as several other things. When it was time for college, of course going to an Art Institute was out of the question. Even though I don’t regret my college choice I feel that in today’s society we don’t value art as much as we should. Kids like me ( the “creationists”, the dreamers, the artist, the innovators) are forced into jobs we hate and majors/carriers we could care less about.


Twitter: @SphinxLeon

Instagram: @Tokyijapan

Full Name: Jerome Steib


Title: Blogger, Editor

Section: The Art of Wisdom, The Art of Everything

About Me: My title is Hieronymus “Jerome” Steib, the name Hieronymus meaning Jerome in Greek,    and I am a member and writer of the art of wisdom section at wolf dynasty.  I major in archaeology at the University of New Orleans   and plan to travel the world in the search for wisdom, knowledge, and truth in the form of archaeological facts.  My life is based on understanding and radiating positive energy to others, for everything that is earned must be sh I believe that man is happiest when he fills his cup with knowledge, love, and understanding and we at wolf dynasty will provide the platform to connect people in general by providing wisdom and light without prejudice or bias.

Twitter: @SaluteCHIEFjody

Instagram: @jody_thechief

Full Name: Candice Shaw

Username: CandyCosmos

Title: Blogger, Editor

Section: The Art of Wisdom, The Art of Everything 

About Me: For years I’ve been searching for definite answers as to why we are here an the purpose of life, and I am grateful for all of the discoveries I’ve learned on the way. My name is Candice Shaw, I am an Usui Reiki Master Teacher as of July 2015. To Describe it briefly, Usui Reiki is an ancient healing art originating in Tibet that channels high vibratory life force energy into the recipient. I enjoy learning about energy and the world around me, visible and otherwise. I was born and raised in New York City, specifically Brooklyn and Staten Island.

I spend majority of my time with my friends, reading, exercising, meditating, and performing reiki sessions. In the future I’d like to travel and see as much of the Earth as possible, and maybe even learn a second language or three. Though I do love reiki, I enjoy learning about different topics such as sacred geometry, neurology, and mysticism. Staying balanced between my spirituality and my “normal” life (for lack of a better term) is my continuous goal.

If there is any particular topic you’d like me to discuss, email me and I’ll get back to you shortly.

Twitter: @CandyC0sm0s | @thesixgoddesss

Instagram: @CandyCosmos


Full Name: Catherine Tchoungoua

Username: Spirit Reaper 

Title: Blogger

Section: The Art of Everything , The Art of Wisdom 

About Me: You can’t hide your spirit. You can wear a mask but your spirit can never be covered… I’m Catherine Tchoungoua, born and raised NYC native. I am currently a Registered Nurse. I am in love with what I do and the people I do it for. I enjoy the thought of one’s spirit and everything it consists of. I have been fortunate enough to do just that for a living, spirit watch.

I love to write! I never thought I’d see a day I’d be compelled to share it with a larger audience. There is something therapeutic about molding the abstract into the concrete. My goal here is to do just that. Present to you my spirit in hopes that it excites yours.

Twitter: ?

Instagram: @Madam_kitty_taylor


Full Name: Landries Dwayne

Username: Wolf_Wayne

Title: Blogger, Editor, Producer

Section: The Art of Music, The Art of Everything 

About me: I am one of  the many believers that music is an universal language. Though I’ve forgotten how to play most of the instruments I’ve learned in my life, I think learning them at such a young age shaped me into the person that I am today. I’ve always wanted to create music since I was in the 4th grade, around the same time I learned to play the piano. I developed my rhythm growing up playing a drum set to old school R&B songs.

My influences growing up were Pharrell Williams, Ginuwine, Soulja Slim, Kanye West, Flying Lotus, Fall Out Boy, Maroon 5, and many more. I think being open to more than just one genre of music is key to finding big influences for your music. Remaining open minded with music only brings endless creativity.

Twitter: @WolfxWayne



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