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I remember back in my sophomore year of college I came across a class called “Wellness Theories.” This class went above and beyond just your average “what you should be eating” or “what gives you example A type of cancer” themes.

I remember my professor was the soccer coach for the university at the time and he said that people are always looking for a magic formula to stop aging, feel better, improve skin health, etc. He reiterated the solution over and over again till it became the answer for all of live’s health problems. Can you guess what it was?

EXERCISE!(or fitness, strength training, etc)

He said that the only way to combat the diseases and physical pitfalls of life was to maintain a healthy fitness and workout regimen. It was the “Magic Pill” so to speak.

The Gear To Help You Steer…

Some of you may be thinking , “Why does it matter what I wear to the gym? Its just the gym” To answer your question, how you feel can be, for the most part, can be directly correlated to how you look ( or how you perceive yourself to look). Personally, when I look my best, I feel my best and therefore I perform at my best.

So lets say for example your in an environment where your performance depends on your state of mind at the time.  This is basically any environment right (The gym ,work, games, communication, etc)?

In the gym, knowing you’re properly dressed and equipped to do what you’ve come to do can have an astounding affect on how long you stay and how hard you train your body.

So today , for the first installment of The Men’s Toolkit, I have a special treat for my readers that continue to the end of the post.

So, with no further delay : Some helpful tips on building your toolkit to mastering the gym.

Fitted Apparel

Men’s workout gear can range form large manufactures like Nike to also very popular brands like Under Amour. They offer very stylish and fitness engineered products that can greatly help in looking and feeling your best at the gym. They range in all colors shapes and sizes.

I recommend buying a two piece set (top and bottom) for the days you normally go to the gym to insure maximum “dapper fitness.”

Men's Leggings & Tights Improve Your Training And Looks:

The pro’s of having a fitted shirt when going to the gym is that besides being able to stretch and have the material move with you for more maneuverability, a lot of these fabrics are made with polypropylene.

Polypropylene helps push sweat away from your body to keep it cool, comfortable, and functioning under even the most intense workouts. Besides the fact that they are in fact very stylish, if your one of those sweaters our there , this could be a big plus.

It just so happens that the right gear, is also the most stylish. Coincidence? I think not.

The Shoe Game

Nike Free Tr Fit 3 now at Footlocker! and on sale. plus get a student discount. this day is perfect.

Just like with any outfit, the shoes are essentially one the most important pieces to have and to pull off with style. Due to the fact that there is a huge market for sports gear , fashion has undoubtedly crept it’s way into the sport shoe industry.

Shoes designed specifically for fitness have mechanics  that work in favor of the wearer. Its not just about style with these brands , its efficiency as well.

To cut straight to the chase, my top three choices as far as style and efficiency goes, are the following:

 Under Armour Speedform Apollo

“we’ve expanded the UA SpeedForm® family, taking a brand-new innovation and immediately making it better.
By delivering the unprecedented comfort of UA SpeedForm® combined with new material innovations to the uppers and the midsole, we’re giving runners the next generation of precision fit and feel”

New Balance Minimus 20v3

“New Balance Minimus offers state of the art cushion and low weight optimization. These shoes are perfect for medium mile runs, stair-master exercises, and strength training”

Puma Bioweb Elite

“The Puma Bioweb Elite provides enough support for lifting and training in the gym (thanks to its flexible heel wrap), but it’s built to withstand road running too—the outsole with flex grooves ensures a smooth stride on long runs” –

Shoes are a very important tool that many overlook when it comes to being involved in a gym. Its 2015 and the age of innovation. Shoes are being engineered to mix with runner/ power lifter interest .

If your like me, and never gave much thought about it before , check out this post on my top 5 shoe choices for hitting the gym with style and efficiency.

What’s In The Bag? 

For the love of mankind.... : Photo:


Lastly men,

To complete your overall style in the gym as you enter and exit the facility , your gym bag! The gym bag is the glue that holds all of your pieces in tact.

A fully equipped gym bag should include (personally chosen):

  • A bottle of Gatorade/water
  • headphones for getting into the zone when you train
  • a towel so you stay cool and collected
  • an extra stick of deodorant for the days where you might want to leave the gym and run errands or maybe get a bite to eat. One of the most important tools! Don’t forget, cause I have.
  • Slippers (optional) I like to keep a pair so I can leave the gym as comfortable as possible after a long day at the gym.

Well men, that’s the end of this edition of the Men’s Toolkit.

Oh yeah , and about that treat I wanted to share with you.

I often talk about style and looking your best as far fabric and material goes, but thats only the tip of the iceberg. Nothing is better than a nice toned workout body.

Because let be honest, the clothes themselves might attract her, but whats underneath will keep her 😉

For those of you looking for a nice, affordable, and effective way to get you in shape for the future. Check out former athlete Ryan Magin’s workout plan for becoming a better you.

If you’ve been saying for months or even years now that your going to get back into the gym for that body you desire, why not start today!? What are you waiting for? Everyday we’re one step closer to the casket.

“A fit, healthy body—that is the best fashion statement”- Jess C. Scott

Dress Smarter , Not Harder 


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