Daily Styles: Urban Gentleman’s Club

Welcome to another installment of today’s Daily Styles Posts.

I’ve done some post shedding light on the artsy/hipster looks that are some of my favorites in the fashion world. Today ,we’re going to be taking a look at the doses of dapper that could get you that job, business partner, bank account or potential mate depending on the circumstances that you’ve always dreamed of.

Just like with anything, especially style, its good to always have different tools in your tool-belt.

The key to becoming a master of style , is being able to be versatile. This skill can help when different occasions call for different looks, when different jobs need different solutions.

A little food for thought: I heard once that no matter how skilled of a chef you may be, You’ll lose in a cooking competition if the only thing you have to work with is one ingredient.

With that in mind, take a look at some of the finest Urban Gentlemen Looks:

Millionaire’s Playbook 


SourceFound on beams.co.jp

  • Elegant pieces that overlay and flow together for the subtle yet strong dose of dapper
  • Old school meets New School
  • To be the part , one must look the part
  • Pants bring

Ivy League Grad 44


  • Less is More
  • The Tan Trench Coat really brings out the outfit
  • Brown boot finish off the contrast perfectly
  • Young Dap

Gentlemen’s Mafia



  • Classy
  • Old meets New School flare
  • Bar Rooms and Mansion Soirees
  • Men’s Fashion

Dapper Detectives d29269975ab593f51b4f8b847336a4fe


  • Men’s Fashion
  • Dose of Dapper
  • Doesn’t get much better
  • Color coordination flawless

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Style 


Source: dangerously–optimistic.tumblr.com

  • Less is more
  • Men’s fashion
  • Everyday simple styles anyone can try

The Elegant Musician


Sourc: bdmotp.com

  • Classy with a Artsy Zest
  • New School Dap
  • Where the hipsters and Gentlemen meet

Opening Style From The Defendant


Source: liferulez.it

  • Urban Gentleman
  • Lawyer Steez
  • The Dapper Survival Guide
  • Take Notes when it’s done right

Hope you enjoyed today’s “Daily Styles” post.

Leave comments and stay tuned for the next one.

Remember men,

Dress Smarter Not Harder  

– Dwight


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