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“If it’s cool and popping, it’s probably coming out of London. The resurgence of the “London look” is leading to another British invasion—except this time it’s in your closet. Who hasn’t seen the Palace impossible triangle-inspired logo on American skaters and cool guys alike? Or Nasir Mazhar’s block lettering on the bodies of fashion heads everywhere?iqdblya84s5qq6m0qzxt

The best in menswear is across the pond.

With London Collections: Men, kicking off this week, the fashion world looks from Victoria House, to the streets of South Bank to see the best looks coming out of the British Isles. With unfortunate footballer fashions and bootleg Burberry caps, England can get saddled with a terrible sartorial rep. But as one of the most diverse cities on Earth, the mix of cultures and looks makes it one of the most vibrant (and albeit occasionally weird) fashion scenes.”

This  is for my high end fashion heads and my average fashion pals looking to up the wardrobe. Click the link to hear about the latest top British Fashion Brands.

Source: Best Men’s British Fashion Brands | Complex

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